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Projected Economic Recovery for Dental Practices after COVID-19

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Many forecasters predicted that the U.S. economy was due for a recession in 2020 anyway, but nobody can say they saw the Great Shutdown from COVID-19 coming. Some economists believe that if the coronavirus is successfully contained, it’s possible that our nation could follow a U-shaped recovery curve and return to a pre-pandemic level in […]

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How Dentists Can Spend the PPP Loan Wisely

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According to a recent poll conducted by the ADA Health Policy Institute, more than 74% of dentists have applied for the Small Business Administration’s Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loan, which can be forgiven in full and converted to a grant if the program’s requirements are met by the borrower. Of those who submitted applications, half […]

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How Neuroscience Can Help Dentists Lead Their Teams Through COVID-19

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Dave Striegel, Ph.D. has been studying the neuroscience of leadership and applying it to dentistry for several years. He is convinced it can serve as a beacon of light in this storm and provide important leadership skills for dentists. “We are overwhelmed. We are afraid. We are human,” says Striegel. “To lead our teams most […]

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How Dental Marketing Can Overcome the New Patient Objections After COVID-19

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I don’t think any of us doubt that dentistry is going to be very different when we emerge from the recovery side of this pandemic. Sure, infection control, insurance, and governing policies are all going to change, but it goes even deeper than that. After COVID-19, it won’t just be about how you treat patients. […]

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Teledentistry: It’s Not Just for COVID-19


With dental offices in emergency-only mode across the country during COVID-19, teledentistry is quickly gaining attention as a workaround to allow patients to get diagnoses and prescriptions from their dentists remotely. But will teledentistry disappear along with COVID-19? It doesn’t have to. And it shouldn’t. There are many reasons to consider keeping it as part […]

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