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4 Easy Ways To Increase Dental Patient Referrals

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The best possible form of marketing with the highest possible ROI is, and always will be, dental referrals. If you’re not using your existing patient base to attract new smiling faces, then you might want try these 4 fast ways to help your practice grow. 1. Dental patient reviews for you, from them When you […]

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The “It” Factors: What A New Dental Patient Wants

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What makes a new dental patient choose one dental practice over another? That’s exactly what successful consultant and multi-practice owner Michael Abernathy, DDS asked when he surveyed over 10,000 of his own patients. Their answers were very revealing…and can be exceptionally valuable for you. Abernathy created a list of the 10 most important considerations patients […]

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Should Your Dental Office Advertise on Yelp?

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Has Yelp been knocking at your door too? Are they confusing you with options for ad-free pages, call tracking numbers, pay per click, reporting and more? You’re not alone. I hear dentists asking about Yelp more and more frequently – and yes, the review site that you might use to find the location for your […]

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Want More New Dental Patients? Make it Easy For Them to Choose YOU.

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New dental patients want to come to your practice. But do you realize your practice may be inadvertently throwing up barriers that block them from picking up the phone and making an appointment? It’s not intentional, but it’s true. Don’t make it harder than it has to be. Here are 3 easy ways to break […]

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Free Dental Marketing Tools Already In Your Office

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Take a look around your office. Open up those storage cabinets and fire up the office computer because hiding inside could be some very valuable dental marketing tools that you already own. We’re talking patient referral cards, email marketing, and more opportunities you already have that cost nothing to use. Read on for our top […]

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