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7 Steps to Turn Dental Postcards Into Phone Calls

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7 ways to get your phones ringing with dental postcards Postcards can feel like a hit or miss proposition for many dentists, and they struggle to understand what the secret sauce is. We are naturally drawn to creative dental marketing that is attractive to the eye, and that can easily overpower some of the most […]

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Google and Your Dental SEO – Where Did I Go?

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The new local listings updates are impacting your dental SEO Google is famous for changing things and this year is no exception to the rule. Some of the changes are more noticeable – like, the logo (no, your eyes are not tricking you, the font is different). Others are a lot less noticeable unless you […]

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Not Enough New Dental Patients? Listen In On Your Calls.

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You’ve invested money into marketing your practice and have created a memorable dental brand, but new dental patients just aren’t on your schedule. You hear the phone ringing throughout the day, yet rarely see new faces enter the office. Where on earth are my new patients? The problem isn’t your reputation or your skills as […]

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Dental Branding and Naming Your Practice – What You Must Know

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It’s finally time. You got your degree, you’ve stockpiled your continuing ed, your dental office location is secured, and you’ve even picked out your paint colors. Now all you need is a dental practice name. That should be the easy part, right? Well, maybe not, especially if you want to use it to your advantage […]

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Should Your Dental Marketing Use Stock Photography?

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As most of you already know, when our clients don’t have custom dental photography of their patients, we use stock photography. Frankly, the majority of the photos we use in our dental marketing utilize stock photos. AND THAT’S OK – as long as they’re good stock. If you want to tackle some dental marketing on […]

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