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Balance Your Marketing Triangle

Want to learn how to manage your marketing priorities to get results that are high quality and affordable without feeling the pain of an extended timeline? The unattainable triangle says that for any promotional effort, you can get it good… or fast… or cheap. But, realistically, you can only get...
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“Do You Take My Dental Insurance?” What Dental Patients Really Want To Know

What is the biggest dental-related question potential patients have for you? Is it, “Do you take my insurance?” If it’s not, this question has to rank in at least your top three issues you hear from people, whether it’s in person or over the phone.

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What is a Dental KPI and Why Should I Care?

B2B. YTD. PTO. SOP. WTF! The business world is an overwhelming place filled with acronyms, but there’s one every single dentist should know and care deeply...
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The Dental Production Myth

We see you out there. Rollin’ through each day You have been told to strap on their roller skates and pack that schedule from sun up to sun down, racing...
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Dental Marketing Just Doesn’t Work

“Forget about using a dental marketing company. I’ve tried it. It doesn’t work.” Does this sound familiar? Sure, dental marketing doesn’t work when you’re ill-equipped. You...