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The Pros and Cons of In-house Dental Membership Plans

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I bet you’ve never thought of Amazon as competition for your dental practice. No, Jeff Bezos hasn’t released a new, mail-order dental treatment service (yet), but he does have something you may have heard of called Amazon Prime. More than 100 million Americans subscribe to Prime, and why not? You pay a reasonable annual fee […]

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5 Ways Your Dental SEO Company Could Be Hurting Your Business

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Looking for a reputable dental SEO company? You need to meet “Andy.” He was in the same boat as you, looking for a partner he could trust for dental SEO services. He knew he needed SEO that really worked to help grow his business and attract new patients. He did his homework. He scoured the […]

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4 Fast Dental Website Copywriting Hacks

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We’ve all heard the saying, “what you see is what you get.” Well, the same is true for your dental website design, but also your website content. What you write is what you get out of it. Your dental practice website relies on good content to guide your visitors through your site and enable them […]

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Why Dental Websites Need Social Proof

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You’re walking toward the stand with the french fries you’ve been craving all day. You’re on a mission, and nothing is going to get in your way. That is until you see a massive amount of people lined up in front of the milkshake stand. You look a little closer and take notice that everyone […]

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How to Avoid Struggles with Dental Payment Collections

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Get paid without pulling teeth Your patients love you. Your team is happy. Your dental marketing plan is making the phone ring. But there is still something holding you back, putting stress on your office culture – and on you. You perform great services, but when it comes to payment, well, things aren’t so hunky-dory. […]

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