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How Does Google’s New Policy Affect Your Dental Patient Reviews?

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Find out how google’s latest update impacts your dental office reviews this time… We know that in the world of technology things are always changing. And nobody seems to change more than Google. This is a trend that isn’t going away anytime soon, so all we can do is stay on our toes and adjust […]

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10 Dental Review Software Solutions

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Every dental practice needs reviews From the inception of Healthgrades in 1999, online reviews have become a force to be reckoned with.  The pick-a-provider world of search is here to stay. Today, there are over a dozen different review sites that house reviews on practices just like yours. From the familiar giant Google,who leads the […]

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Want Dental Reviews On Yelp? Gotta Play By The Rules.

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Where should I send my patients to write a review? The top three sites for dental office reviews are Google, Facebook and Yelp, in that order. If you are looking to manage your dental practice’s online reputation, these sites should be on your radar and filling your inbox whenever a new review is posted. While all […]

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Want More Dental Office Reviews? Avoid Feedback Fatigue.

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Reviews are literally everywhere If you’re like me, you make frequent purchases from Amazon and other online marketplaces.  After every transaction, without fail, a survey (or two or three) pops up in my email asking me for my feedback on the item. Did it fit?  Was the color accurate? Next up, you need to consider […]

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The Best Dental Marketing Trends for Group Practices

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Top 5 Dental Marketing Trends As a group dental practice, you’re faced with unique marketing challenges that single location, sole proprietor practices just don’t have. From managing several locations and juggling the best way to promote all of your doctors, to measuring key dental practice metrics to ensure you’re hitting all of your goals, it […]

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