Dental PPC: What Should You Expect?

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Have you ever asked your dental internet marketing company for an update on how your Google Ads campaigns are working? Only to be met with… (crickets chirping) Do they send you monthly reports that leave you confused, but you hate to admit that you have no clue what the numbers are saying? It’s time to […]

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YouTube Ads for Dentists: Should You Try It?

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So you want new dental patients (and really, who doesn’t?) to fill your chairs? What if I told you you can run commercials on the second largest search engine in the world, target ages and interests, and measure your results with precision? I’m guessing you might be interested. 🙂 Dental internet marketing is a critical […]

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How Google Ads and Direct Mail Doubled My New Dental Patients

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Meet the March’s! I was first introduced to Dr. Peter March in late 2015. At that time, Dr. March was the sole practitioner in a fee-for-service dental office in a small town in Illinois. But things were about to change. His son was in his final year of dental school and was set to join […]

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6 Simple New Patient Strategies for Dentists

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Your new dental patients are just waiting to hear from you Use these six dental marketing strategies to attract new patients to your practice and end the year with measurable results and profitability. 1. Use it or lose it – annual dental benefits reminders October marks the beginning of the end of the year (the […]

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3 Reasons Your Dental PPC Campaign Needs a Landing Page

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If you are a dental office using Google Ads, congrats. Dental PPC campaigns are a fantastic new patient strategy for any practice, especially those in a saturated market. But they can also be expensive if you aren’t doing it right. The cost isn’t just wasted clicks, it’s wasted opportunities for conversion. And conversion is driven, […]

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