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Google and Your Dental SEO – Where Did I Go?

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The new local listings updates are impacting your dental SEO Google is famous for changing things and this year is no exception to the rule. Some of the changes are more noticeable – like, the logo (no, your eyes are not tricking you, the font is different). Others are a lot less noticeable unless you […]

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4 Dental Marketing Tools You’re Under Utilizing

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When I first get to know a new client, I take time to really understand who they are as a dentist, learn how the practice functions, and discover what dental marketing techniques they’ve tried or are currently implementing. Rather than making my clients start everything from scratch, I prefer to guide and support existing efforts […]

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Got a Dental Website? Protect It!

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Do you know the login to your dental website? If you’ve been to one of my dental marketing lectures, you’ve likely heard me preach about the importance of owning your digital assets. As a dentist, there is only one person who should own your dental website domain, site files, social media accounts and Google My Business […]

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