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Dental SEO Problems? Check Your Reviews.

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Dental SEO is a hugely important part of your dental marketing efforts. There are a variety of factors that contribute to your SEO success, but one key element that you should never overlook or underestimate is your office’s online reviews. When was the last time you read a review of a product or company before […]

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Why Your Practice Needs Dental Patient Reviews

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When last we spoke, we determined that every dentist wants reviews from their patients (and I told you how to get them). We also know that a bad one can ruin your day. Nobody wants a rotten review on their wall. Generally speaking, everybody wants (good) reviews. So let’s take a step back and figure […]

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Will Your Dental Website Lose Rank With Google’s Speed Update?

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What you need to know and how we can help They’ve hinted at it in the past, but now Google is going full speed ahead with a new, mobile search ranking algorithm. Here’s what that means (in non-techie terms) and how your dental website (and your practice) could be affected. Okay Google, what are you […]

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Dental SEO and Website Blogging Basics

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I get questions all the time from practices big and small about why we phrase things a certain way when we write blogs. Living in the world of seo for dentists all day long, a lot of these things come second nature to us, and we don’t always think about how other people may think […]

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5 Traits of a High Converting Dental Website

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Your dental website is one of the most powerful marketing tools you have. It creates a compelling online image that tells users and potential patients who you are and what you have to offer to set you apart from the competition. When your dental website design is clean, current, user-friendly, and appealing your patients will […]

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