Where to Use Your Positive Dental Patient Reviews

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You may have been advised at one point or another not to toot your own horn, but when it comes to praise from your patients, honk away! Patient reviews and testimonials are the most valuable dental marketing assets you have. Unfortunately, many dental practices go through the effort of collecting them, but never use them […]

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How to Ask for Great Dental Patient Reviews

dental patient reviews - Golden Proportions Marketing

It’s nice when people say nice things about you. The problem is, sometimes they don’t tell you what they think unless you ask. And those nice things (like reviews) can have a huge impact on your dental website SEO. If you have trouble asking for patient reviews, we have some tips to go about doing […]

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Should You YouTube for Your Dental Office?

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What are the best dental social media platforms you can use to promote your practice? Facebook? Instagram? How about YouTube? Wait, YouTube is for playing videos. It’s not really a social platform. Is it? That depends. If you were looking for the best social channel to market your office on, what features would you look […]

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Should You Use Twitter to Market Your Dental Practice?

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Should you be using Twitter to market your dental practice? The short answer is “maybe.” To be honest, Twitter is never going to be suggested as your best choice for dental marketing. But considering it’s free to use and does give you access to a significant number of people, it can still be worth a […]

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Getting Down to Business with Your Dental Facebook Page

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I’m sure you know that dental social media is a fantastic marketing tool for practices. Facebook, in particular, is the go-to option for most offices. If you’re already posting, that’s awesome! But are you really getting the most from your Facebook business page? Are you taking advantage of all of its features? We gathered up […]

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Is Your Dental Practice’s Facebook Page Socially Acceptable?

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You have a Dental Facebook account for your practice, but do you know what kind of content you should be sharing? You’ve probably heard the cautions (over and over) from social media experts to not use Facebook for pushy marketing tactics. But what should you post that will build a following in your community and […]

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A Common Sense Approach to Converting New Dental Patient Phone Calls

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In dentistry, opportunity doesn’t come knocking. It picks up the phone. But when you hear that ringing, and a new dental patient might be on the other end, are you prepared? It may seem like a common sense process to schedule a new patient, but most of the time that “simple” procedure gets botched, and […]

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How to Use Drip Emails to Nurture Your New Dental Patient Leads

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Congratulations! Your marketing plan is working and has generated a new patient lead through your dental website. Now what? Most of your leads won’t be ready to schedule their first dental appointment right away. (Marketo says only 50% of leads are ready to make a decision on the spot.) And if you just sit back and […]

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The Do’s and Dont’s of Effective Dental Landing Pages

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Hey dentists, do you want to get more new patient leads for your practice? “Yes! We do!” And do you know the best ways to use landing pages to get them? “Ummm, no, we don’t.” That’s what I thought. In case your next response was “What’s a landing page?” they are standalone web pages used […]

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Building Your Dental Marketing Plan: Focus on the Patient Journey

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Write a marketing plan? Ugh! Marketing plans can seem overwhelming to tackle. They’re long. And complicated. And time consuming. But they’re also necessary, at least if you want your marketing to actually work. If you step back to look at it, a comprehensive dental marketing plan is really just a collection of smaller dental marketing […]

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