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Dental Website Rank and Google Maps – Doctor Names vs. Brand Names

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We often get asked questions about Google My Business listings, because from a dental SEO perspective, ranking here is SEO gold. Here’s what we get asked: How should our practice be listed? Should the doctors have their own listings? How do we stop the random ones from popping up? Does your dental website feature just […]

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Don’t Let Rogue Google Listings Hurt Your Dental SEO

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Just when you thought it was safe to turn your attention to other things, someone calls you out of the blue and says your hours are wrong on your Google My Business page. “How can that be? I just checked that!” Sure enough, you find another listing for your practice or for an individual doctor […]

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Get a FREE Dental Website Analysis from GPM

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Find out how well your site is working for you. Request your FREE SEO analysis. Your dental website is one of the most powerful marketing pieces you can have. Actually, we’d go so far as to say it’s the most powerful. But only if it’s giving both Google and your visitors what they each want. […]

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Dental SEO Mythbusters: It’s Not All About Your Rank

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What do you think is the most important measure of your website’s performance? If you’re like many dentists, my guess is that you care most about the rank of your site when you search for “My Town Dentist.” I mean really, that’s what everyone searches for, right? Well, we’re about to completely bust that dental […]

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Shhh…It’s a Dental SEO Secret

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Most dental website design companies treat their clients like a mushroom farm…they prefer to keep clients in the dark and covered in verbal manure. Which is my politically incorrect way of saying that they go out of their way to baffle you with BS, hoping you’ll just throw your hands in the air, and say “Okay, […]

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