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5 Fast Tips For Writing Effective Dental Website Content

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At a cocktail party with a group of dentists, it would be perfectly acceptable to use words like bruxism, prophylaxis, and Class 3 malocclusion.  Your audience undeniably understands those terms. Now imagine that hanging on the edge of your conversation is an auto mechanic, a chef, a teacher, and a police officer.  If you used […]

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Your Dental Advertising Might Be Costing You New Patients


This summer, I received at least half a dozen calls from a doctor or office manager, asking me to get them advertising rates on a particular radio station, magazine, cable news network or billboard. My first reaction (before starting any research) is always to ask, “Dr. X, why are you interested in this particular dental […]

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Do Dental Websites Still Need The Home Button?

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When we begin work on a clients’ dental websites, we always start with the architecture of the website pages – the content outline. And right there, as the first navigation item, you might expect to find the word “HOME.”  Clearly this isn’t home as we all know it, the cozy warm place you go to […]

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The Easiest Dental Marketing is a Great Location

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Location. It’s one of the biggest decisions you make for your practice, and yet one that doctors give surprisingly little thought to. Whether you’re thinking about a move or locked into your current location for the next 20 years, here are some things to think about when it comes to dental marketing and your location. […]

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