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How to Use Authenticity in Your Dental Marketing

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Marketing, as an industry, has a lot of buzzwords. Paradigm shift. Guerrilla marketing. Best practices. Accountability. Viral marketing. In other words, shoot me now.

Authenticity in an over-marketed world

Let’s face it, today’s consumers are over-marketed to and completely jaded. They are suspicious of anyone who tries to “sell” them. Patients only want to work with brands (and dentists) they feel they can inherently trust.

After a dozen years in dental marketing, we’ve found that you can follow every tip and technique espoused by the dental marketing industry, but what works the best is when dentists let down their guard and show patients who they are.

7 ways to incorporate authenticity in your dental marketing

  1. Appear in your own TV commercials
  2. Record your own radio spots (yes, in your own voice)
  3. Use your face in any print marketing. Better yet, use images of you standing WITH your patient and then use their testimonial to back it up.
  4. If you see families, don’t be afraid to show your own family in your marketing. It makes you relatable.
  5. Show a sense of humor. One of my favorite sites (not ours) is that of Dr. Taylor, a dentist in Australia. The site is pretty basic, but if you read it you quickly get a feel for the real Dr. Taylor, and he seems like a lot of fun.
  6. Instead of just relying on patient testimonials, scatter your own quotes throughout your dental website
  7. Introduce yourself on the home page of your website with a video of you, welcoming patients to the office. Don’t be stuffy and formal – have a little fun with people! Here’s a fantastic example: 43,219 views – now that’s viral marketing at work.

I know you’ve worked really hard for an advanced degree, spent tens of thousands on technology, and have truly earned that “Dr.” in front of your name. We’re just asking you to let patients see past the sometimes unintentionally intimidating messages on occasion. Take a deep breath, loosen that tie, and be yourself! Patients will love you, we promise.

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