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How to Improve Dental Patient Retention

dental patient retention

Does this sound familiar? You’re working hard to get new patients into your dental practice, and maybe you’re spending what feels like a small fortune on dental marketing strategies. New patient numbers are up, and yet, your collections are hovering right where they have been for the past few years. What gives? Why the plateau?

Where did my dental patients go?

Many practices look to new patients as the end-all-be-all for practice growth, but the truth is, your existing patients are the key to your continued growth and success. Getting them in the front door is great! Letting them out the back door, not so great. You spent a lot of money to get that butt in the chair and guess what – learning how to improve your dental patient retention is far cheaper than it is to find a new one to replace them.

Here are the facts.

Existing Dental Patients:

So here’s what I’m getting at: the best dental marketing campaigns include patient retention strategies. In fact, it might be your most important dental marketing strategy. You don’t want to keep chugging away at the new patient grind. It’s time to take a look inside your practice to foster those patient relationships you do have.


How to improve dental patient retention in your office

So, if you’re looking for answers and an upward tick in your production numbers – look inside the practice. Improve your dental patient retention. These are just a few ways you can plug the holes in the bucket, and start seeing the positive results of all that work you’re doing to get the newbies.

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